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When straight guys eat a banana 

Legend World Combo Status: UNPLAYABLE

So I’ve got some tweaking to do in terms of what spells and monsters I need in the deck but gosh golly gee whiz, with the current selection of Legend World cards the Asgard/Fenrir combo is damn near unplayable due to a real lack of solid meat shields.

Having run up against Darkness Dragon World, Dragon World, and Legend World (Heroes), the 6k defense of monsters like Gorgon Stheno and Corpse Swallower just don’t provide as much protection as you /need/ to get all of the cards out. Bushiroad seems to be aware of this, as there are several cards coming via promos or the (currently JP only) provide not only extra support designed around Asgard, but two different Valkyrie cards that have a dual Asgard/Hero attribute, making all those handsome heroes of Legend World somewhat viable in an Asgard deck.

Now, granted, you can still pull it off if you wind up with a godhand at the start of the game, but if you haven’t played Great Spell, Fimbulwinter by Turn 4, you’re basically already dead.


Gamer gate has been trying to use Bayonetta as a rallying point, and criticism of it as proof of a “feminist agenda” in reviews

They’ve been trying to get Hideki Kamiya, creator of Bayonetta, to support them

Well, he tweeted this today.


The funniest part about this is that it has literally nothing to do with supporting feminism and more to do with the fact that when more than one person asks his opinion on anything, he pretty much auto-blocks them. Shit, there was once an instance where someone complimented him and he blocked them because multiple people were tagged in the tweet

So when the GamerGate people try to go like “DON’T YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT THIS COULD DO TO SALES OF BAYO2” he just goes “blocked”, followed by more of them going “WOW I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE PART OF THE FEMINIST AGENDA” and he continues with “blocked” for as many times as he pleases.

Like holy shit I’m looking at the responses to that tweet and if they just took like 30 fucking seconds to look at through twitter page it becomes super apparent that responding with shit like “MR. KAMIYA YOU MUST BE INFORMED OF GAMERGATE” and “BUT I SUPPORT GAMERGATE AND LOVE BAYONETTA 2!” won’t mean dick or shit and will most likely get you blocked.

So of the three new-ish superhero TV shows, I’ve noticed all of them have a particular moment of really hokey dialogue that rubs me the wrong way.

In Agents of SHIELD, it was like 7 minutes into the pilot episode where, after Coulson peaces out, the scientist walks up to Maria Hill and they begin talking about his ‘vacation’ and she goes “HE CAN NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH” and I just stopped right there because wowie zowie how cliche is that goddamn statement. I haven’t looked back because despite the first scene with the super powered dude seemed cool, the rest of the show seems like NCIS with superheroes sometimes, and if I want NCIS I’ll just watch NCIS

In Gotham, like 3 minutes into the pilot episode where Gordon is talking to lil’ Bruce and he goes “THERE WILL BE LIGHT”, which is supposed to sound inspirational but is so stupid when you apply even a few seconds of thought to it the first goddamn sign of the shows inability to decide whether they want to play the whole thing lighter and more self-aware or go serious Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy. Now I watch it exclusively with friends to laugh at how bad the whole things is.

In The Flash, there’s an entire goddamn scene where Barry and Oliver/Green Arrow are talking to each and it’s just the silliest sounding comic book conversation ever and I’m totally ok with it because the show has cleared embraced that it’s based on a comic book. Like 15 full minutes of this pilot is dedicated to “this is some comic book shit right here how fucking cool is it to watch him run? so cool, and that dude has WEATHER POWERS”






me: throws you into a locker

Superwholockian: *Burns down the locker* *Climbs out of fire with no scratches* *Puts on fez* * Puts on scarf* *eyes flicker black* You shouldn’t of done that.

What is this

embarrassment incarnate


Pic of the Day for October 13th!  Oooh, Shiny.





Some of the many funny Batman and Alfred moments over the years. BROTP.

"Leave the tray, please." 


"I give you my word, I did not plan that."
The fact that he had to defend himself is the best part.

Whenever Bruce angsts about how hard it is not having parents I feel bad for Alfred.

Like , kinda throwing it all in his face there, Bats.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a “WELL ACTUALLY” thing, but there was this very nice (canonical!) moment in the New 52 run of Batman:

Like across all media the dominant portrayal of Batman is “MY PARENTS ARE DEEEAAAAAADDD!”, but the main comics themselves have done an admirable job of giving him some character development rather than just cruising with Untouchable Batgod.



There is something so incredibly satisfying about owning an original pencil of a comic you really love.

Also: Ryan Jampole is the fucking coolest dude.

You guys you won’t believe what I found: the next Buddyfight set after “Break to the Future” will be “More Dragons”

I for one applaud Bushiroad’s bold decision to provide further support for Dragon World.

You guys you won’t believe what I found: the next Buddyfight set after “Break to the Future” will be “More Dragons”

I for one applaud Bushiroad’s bold decision to provide further support for Dragon World.